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Writing a script that produces a STEP AP203
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Shark DuoClean Anti-Allergen IF260UKTH vacuum cleaner - Is it worth the spend?

Shark makes the best vacuum cleaners that satisfy even the most demanding customers. It has grown quickly to become a strong competitor to Dyson. Part of this success comes from its innovative technologies.

Among its latest products, the Shark DuoClean Anti-Allergen IF260UKTH is one of the best cordless vacuums on the market. While many people are comparing this model with the Dyson V11, others are asking if the IF260UKTH is worth the spend. So, why not let us take you through a review of this outstanding vacuum from Shark? Let’s dive right in!

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1. Specifications

  • Bagless or bagged: bagless
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Filters: washable
  • LED lights: included
  • HEPA filter: yes
  • Accessories: dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, anti-allergen dust brush, charging dock, and deep cleaning motorized pet tool
  • Duo clean floor head: yes
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.08 gallons
  • Warranty: five years

2. How is its performance?

The Shark DuoClean Anti-Allergen IF260UKTH is the best rated vacuum cleaners when it comes to performance. With reliable suction power, it works efficiently on both carpets and hardwood floors.

The IF260UKTH is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, as it can remove even the smallest dust particles. With the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, you can rest assured that 99.9% of the specks of dirt and allergens are not released back into your space.

This vacuum is equipped with DuoClean technology, which is a unique double brush roll that can pick up large debris and small particles on all different floor types with ease. The soft brush roll pulls in the dirt while the bristle brush roll goes deep into the carpet to collect dust and pet hair.

One of the biggest concerns of vacuum users is that they can’t reach low-lying furniture. With the IF260UKTH’s flexible wand, you do not have to bend over to vacuum those hard-to-reach areas under low furniture in the house.

Besides, IF260UKTH can quickly transform into a cordless handheld vacuum to handle light-duty tasks such as sofa, ceiling, and car cleaning.

Last but not least, pet lovers will love this good vacuum cleaner as it removes the embedded hair of their four-legged friends effortlessly. Are you wondering how it does that? Well, it all lies in a tool called “TruePet hair removal”.

3. Is it the right choice for houses with lots of stairs?

The IF260UKTH is packed with different tools to clean stairs effortlessly. As this device can be converted into a handheld vacuum, you can connect its floorhead to the handheld provision to vacuum stairs. Alternatively, you can use the Deep-Cleaning Motorised Pet Tool for stairs. It’s easy to maneuver on narrow angles of the staircases and angle steps.

In case you do not have other tools, its upholstery tool or the dusting brush is perfect for hardwood stairs. So if you’re looking for the best-rated vacuum cleaner for houses with pets and stairs, then look no further. The Shark DuoClean Anti-Allergen IF260UKTH is a perfect choice.

The bottom line

The Shark IF260UKTH is a premium cordless cleaner with one-hour run time and dual batteries. It works well on multi-surface floors, cleans hidden corners and stairs with ease.

If compared to the Dyson V11, IF260UKTH is worth your spend, as it comes at a more affordable price range, yet still includes all necessary features of a high-end vacuum. Best vacuum cleaner brands like Dyson might need to watch out for this competitor.

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