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How can I start at ACA OMF?

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I wish to start using OMF but I did not receive an answer since AND Autodesk.

how can I start without Autodesk's help?

a quick web search found this ->

Plenty more in the rest of the search results:

That should at least give you a start, hope it helps.

I was watching the entire day such video, and according to the link I need find the ACA OMF Wizard 2021, something similar to AutoCAD ObjectARX Wizard 2021, according to the same video I need to join AND Autodesk using an ADN Standard or ADN Professional account, then what I need do? I did not receive answers by Autodesk.

then what alternatives do I have?

I'm pretty sure once you join the ADN you have access to all resources and tools they offer and even some phone/email support (maybe depending on what tier you buy in to from memory).

If you a capable of building dll's from scratch with C++ you should be able to build a plugin without the wizard. To make it easier you could probably start with the ARX wizard and find out what settings need to be changed but I imagine it would be very few, like instead of producing .arx it may just be .dll or other naming convention, in the end it's just a dll, the file extension is really just a 'filter' to ensure you are loading a plugin and not an ordinary dll.
The wizard just helps with a lot of boiler plate coding and initial classes etc that could be copied from an existing project and refactored to suit. Yes, it may be a bit of work the first time around and I guess it depends on what your time is worth compared to the ADN subscription and what it provides to get you going quickly.

hth, cheers.

thanks for the answer, I am new for now I just wish to test and play with the objects.

is there any method, for example, to extract all code necessary of Wall-Object and then edit it to one Wall-Custom-Object?

maybe is there a video or sample for extract info or code inside AutoCAD Architecture / MEP?


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