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File Sharing Error
« on: October 20, 2020, 11:49:15 AM »
This maybe a C3D issue, but Googling results show it maybe ACAD

I have a profile xref (C3D 2018) and xref manager shows "File Sharing Error". I have detached n attached again, but everytime I open the sheet file, file sharing error.
Every open I browse to file to load
Tried XLOADCTL=2 (no help)

-enough its seems to only be the Plan/Prolife sheets, not the grading sheets, they are ok.
-after browsing to the xref, it doesn't show (regen, I expect that, but to get it plot, I go to model, select profile, escape, back to paper, then it shows and plots)

Its C3D in ProjectWise

Any help is appreciated, as always, Thxs!
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Re: File Sharing Error
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