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Civil 3D and Drones and The Point Cloud, Experiment
« on: October 05, 2020, 06:28:08 AM »
The company I work for is wanting and has invested in a Drone. How to best use with Civil 3D and Surveying practices. So all, here is a an extract of what you we ask our Civil3D dealer:
So I have been trying to wrap my head around how as Land Surveyor to use data from drones and laser scanners into what we do with Civil 3d. I guess I should break this down.

"What workflows are there in the Autodesk world for field to finish using point cloud data?

Lets take a typical “Existing Conditions Survey” for example. We are fully capable field to finish in Civil 3d with traditional survey methods, FBK files through the DBS and getting autoline work. The field work takes weeks with traditional survey methods, physical locations of curbs, buildings, sewer and storm strucures ect ect. My “Wish” is to use traditional laser scanners and drones to speed this up. Currently we are capable of scanning a site and registering a point cloud with terrestrial laser scanners. However, we have not figured out how to productively use the point clouds to create an “Existing Conditions Survey”.

Next. Can high resolution pictures be added to a point cloud? We have been structural modeling in Revit from point clouds and in a couple of places in the point cloud we could have used more data.

"What workflow should we employ for creating a point cloud from drone data? We recently purchased a small drone and id like to use the data from it."

Anyone care to share experiences on how to implement this into Survey Dept.'s using Civil 3D? If anyone would like to be a consultant to this end reach out please.
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