Author Topic: How to remember values in dcl windows  (Read 16926 times)

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Re: How to remember values in dcl windows
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Is there a reason that you used an Excel file over a plain text file?
Lack of knowledge i think is the only reason. I found the way how to connect each value to each expression in excel, but for text file i only know how to write values like this: 100, 200, 300... etc. And i have no idea how i can read them after so each value will match each expression.

Reading/writing a text file in AutoLISP is far simpler than interfacing with Excel as you can use the standard I/O functions provided with Vanilla AutoLISP (read-line/write-line) without the need to turn to ActiveX - furthermore, the latter requires that the user has Excel installed in their environment, which may not alway be the case.

I use this method in many of my own programs - if you wanted to look at existing examples, consider the numinc:readconfig & numinc:writeconfig functions used within my Incremental Numbering Suite application (defined on line 4,235 onwards).