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« on: August 05, 2020, 10:52:53 AM »
Good morning,

I am having a time trying to get an ellipse-->isocircle in isodraft to give me the correct diameter when I do a distance between quadrants. For example, if I draw an isocircle with a diameter of 1" and dimension it, it gives 1.2247" across quadrants. Is there a way to draw an isocircle with diameter inputted to output correct diameter when dimensioning it?

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Re: Isocircles
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It's just math (in radians)
If you draw a circle with radius=1 and add some lines and angles, we get:
Code: [Select]
(setq Rmin (cos (* pi .25)))
(setq Rmax (* Rmin (sqrt 3.)))
Code: [Select]
(setq Rmin (* 0.5 (sqrt 2.)))
(setq Rmax (* 0.5 (sqrt 6.)))
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