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Create filters by abbreviation.
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:35:17 PM »
Right up front. I have not found Dynamo as a tool I can use so I have not set it up to be useful. This is just another try at creating something that perhaps will help the company and get people familiar with it.

I would like to have someone tell me if this is a good fit for Dynamo.

What I want is a good filter creator for pipe systems. Right now I have over 65 pipe systems in my template and we rename\recreate systems all the time. (We do industrial so I have mech pipes, process pipe, plumbing and general piping.) I would like to choose a system type by pick that will create the filter
 (I normally do the abbreviation but I am open to anything.) for me. This way I can take a BUNCH of filters out and perhaps people won't create several dozen duplicates or not use them because there are too many.

Is this a good use of Dynamo?