Author Topic: *Screenpoint* and two monitors does it work or is it just me.  (Read 90 times)

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Hi All

Due to current events i'm working from home as are probably a few others, anyway stay safe and i'll cut to the chase....

My dialog box is acting up and I don't know if its just my code or the way my old monitor and laptop is set up. My old monitor is connected using "HDMI to VGA" and my code is

Code: [Select]
there's a big old while loop but the crux of the code is this

(if (not (new_dialog "Externals" dcl_id "" (cond ( *screenpoint* ) ( '(-1 -1) ))))
      (setq dcl_id (unload_dialog dcl_id))
      (princ "\n** Dialog could not be Loaded **")
(action_tile "SELECTA"      "(setq *screenpoint* (done_dialog 2))")
(if (= flag 2) (GET_LEVEL_START))
(unload_dialog dcl_id)

this is my scenario

- With the AutoCad screen on my laptop and the monitor not connected the dialog box stays where I left it.
- With the AutoCad screen on my laptop and monitor plugged in, the dialog snaps appears in the center of the laptop and if i move it around the laptop screen returns back to the center of the laptop screen after the lisp has performed its last, but if I drag the dialog box over to the monitor (still with AutoCad on the laptop screen) it does as its told and returns to the last position on the monitor.
- If i have the AutoCad screen on my monitor the dialog returns to the center of the monitor if i leave it on my laptop screen or my monitor.

not sure if this is for this forum or not so apologies in advance