Author Topic: View Label layer when placing a view from Sheet Set Manager  (Read 263 times)

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View Label layer when placing a view from Sheet Set Manager
« on: February 12, 2020, 03:10:05 PM »
Hiya gang,

I have been using Lee Mac's Layer Director to get the SSM callouts and vieworts onto the correct layers.

It's working mostly. But the View Label that is inserted as part of placing the view still winds up on the current layer.

Here are the added codes in Layer Director:

Code: [Select]
("*CALLOUT*"             "L-ANNO-SYMB"      "Annotations - Symbols"                             3        "Continuous"           -3                 1                 nil         )
("*VIEWLABEL*"           "L-ANNO-SYMB"    "Annotations - Symbols"                                       3        "Continuous"           -3                 1                 nil         )

These work great, placing the callouts and the view label (when manually placed from the SSM) onto L-ANNO-SYMB.

Code: [Select]
("*PLACEVIEW*"             "L-PS-VPORT"      "Paper Space - Viewport, NO PLOT"                             5        "Continuous"           -3                 0                 nil         )
This also works great, placing the viewport on L-PS-VPORT when placing a view.

However, the View Label that is placed with the viewport still goes on the current layer.

Is PLACEVIEW calling some other command besides VIEWLABEL to place the view label? Or is the insertion of that view label integral to the PLACEVIEW command so it's never triggering the VIEWLABEL reactor?

I'm going bonkers trying to get this last bit to work... so any help is as always, much appreciated.

Technology will save us all! *eyeroll*