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Recommentations for 3rd-party- DTM software for MAP 3D 2018?

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I'm looking around if there are some 3rd-party DTM software which should to the following:

- integrate in Map 3D 2018
- should work in German version (maybe not German menu, but no conflicts with German / international commands)
- basic features of data-import (from points, from 3D poly)
- features for TIN, break lines, slope and height analysis, waterflow
- maybe simple feature to create cross-section

"Construction features" like volume calculation, creating cuts and dams etc. is not necessary.


I would advice to use Civil 3D that has Map 3D inside.

But if that is not an option, you could take a look at

Freeware and it works quite good.

Thanks for reply, @huiz

I suppose that Civil offers the DTM features only in Civil itself. When I want to use Map, then I'm still without DTM features - right?

For cadtools, I will try it.


In C3D you can change the workspace from Civil to Map and vv. In both cases you have both Civil functions and Map functions available, only the ribbon is different. Commands via command line are always available.

Best of both worlds ;-)

Not free. but Carlson works nicely with Map 2018, for those who don't currently have a C3D Seat and abhor the idea of rental software.


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