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"Open File"-dialogue - context menu - crash


At my PC I have some additional "Shell menus" and "Shell Extension" and problems in MAP with the definitions of display models, so this problem could be a result of a "non very standard PC" ...

Map 2018, German:

- File Open: Dialogue appears
- Single lick to a file (DWG or another)
- Right click on the selected file
- Context menu appears for 2-3 seconds
- CRASH with invoked Crash report

The way I will solve it is: "Never press the button again" because it is really a side-problem, , but if someone has any ideas or solutions I would be curious what this could be ..

Hi Peter,

I remember experiencing this on Civil 2018. I solved it the same way, dont use the contect menu in the open dialog.
This bug is fixed in 2019 (for me)

Cheers, Rod.

Thanks Rod

good to know that's not my fault  :-)


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