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Vector Rendering
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:34:16 AM »
Ive always been a big fan of rendering.  I used to do a bit of full color rendering back in the 3ds Max R3 era not so much anymore.  Mostly line work (or programming) these days.

In addition to the raster oriented full colors renderings, I also a fan of 2d vector rendering.  The look and performance of such renderings are compelling.  The crisp details, the scalability Ive always felt there was a place for them in the CAD world.

Over the past 15 years or so (not very speedy, but I am tenacious), Ive given the process some attention.   Here is a demo of the current state of the effort.  Still a long way to go lots of tweaks, optimization, and UI work remain.

As can be seen in the screencast, Im concentrating on B&W.  That has the most applicability in my workflow.  I suppose, though, that color could be beneficial and may be something I devote more time to in the future.

The computational process used certainly favors the parallel nature of outdoor lighting.  As a matter of fact, diffuse and multi point lighting may be intractable. 

Even with the limited light source, these renderings do require serious processing hence the simplicity of the scene.  Ill post more complex renders as they become available.

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