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Where did you start when learning Dynamo


I am curious (as I hope others are as well) as to where you started when learning Dynamo?

Did you have a formal class?
Did you buy books?  If so, which ones?
Did you buy learning videos? If so, which ones?
Did you learn Dynamo via Youtube / / Hudsters recommended sites ( / etc & struggle through trial & error?

Your suggestions on where & how to start learning it effectively would be greatly appreciated as well.

I wanted to start this chat in hopes of learning a little more about how you got started in dynamo & where one can go for more information.

I've been struggling with learning dynamo for almost a year now, going to, the, & have realized I keep reading over the same materials.  My trial & error method is more error in trial & it's getting really frustrating when I want to put together a simple routine & can't make it happen.  I think I need a more structured learning but I can't find any books & the learning classes from only one vendor that I can find are expensive & not in tune with my time table.

So, ... how are you doing (or did) it?


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