Author Topic: Updating AutoCAD Attributes with Excel  (Read 808 times)

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Jim Clayton

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Updating AutoCAD Attributes with Excel
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:27:57 PM »
Hey Everyone.  Working on the following issue. I知 building a BOM user interface in Excel that has the same layout as the attached Autocad version.  It allows people to build BOM痴 with greater speed and accuracy. I知 trying to populate the CAD attributes, either through importing or linking or alternate method with the data from the Excel file.  I知 familiar with the ATTIN/ATTOUT process.  It works fine.  But since there are going to be multiple people doing this daily, I need it to be as few steps as possible.  I know I知 not the first person to ask this but I知 having a hard time finding a resolution.  Is there a way to populate the attributes with the information from Excel with a minimal number of steps?  Either from the Excel side, or through Lisp on the CAD side?  Some VBA maybe?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Tks.


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Re: Updating AutoCAD Attributes with Excel
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What websites have resources from? And these forums help in various fields?