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Morn'n Gentes, I have a revit tagging best practices question for you all.
Now this question should technically go into CAD Standards but it is a Revit tagging question & more specifically, for the Structural gurus of the Swamp.  This is in regards to how framing members are tagged & using parameters with those tags.
First, let me tell you what we have been doing & then throw out my new issue & then ask for your opinions, ideas, practices, etc.
So, when I first started with this company, they were just beginning to use Revit.  To make it easy for the two Revit guys in the office, we would simply take a W16X24 beam & copy it, naming it something different for a camber &/or the number of HSA's on the beam.  Sometimes we would use the TypeName tag to tag the members via their name (W16X24 [3/4"] (12)) & sometimes we would use the TypeMark tag to tag members via a mark (WF-1, WF-2, etc) & put the camber &/or HSA's in a schedule (depending on the size of the project).
In these cases, we would insert the W16X24 beam & copy it, giving it a different name for the scenario used.  We would have a W16X24, a W16X24-0.75-12 (3/4" camber with 12 studs), a W16X24-1-22 (1" camber with 22 studs), etc.
Exporting this project to Risa gave us no problems with this naming convention & the project would move forward smoothly.  We've used this standard for several years without any hiccups.
Recently, along with having 5 Revit guys in the office & a small boatload of engineers, we've started using a new analysis software (Tekla Structural Designer) which DOES keep track of the names of the beams & is causing havoc with our current standard.  Regardless of what name we call the beam, the new software recognizes the beam as a simple W16X24 but with an extension on the name in the project, the mapping gets confused & causes chaos, especially for our engineers.
So, we need to come up with a different way of tagging our framing & column members without customizing every single framing member in the box.  We can no longer copy members & simply rename them.

Currently, we are toying with the idea of creating some extra parameters in the tags & manually editing them for the special case beams & columns we encounter.  In the properties box there are areas for Camber Size, Number of Studs, Comments, etc. so we can use these parameters in the tag, but again, each will be manually edited.
Perhaps this is the best way to do this, perhaps there's a better idea out there.
With that in mind, I bring you my questions of how you tag your framing members?  Do you tag each one individually (for simple span framing) or do you place text across the lot with a couple leaders showing the distance & count of the members used?  With special cases like cambers & studs, do you manually edit your tags or do you have a more robust way of tagging special members?  Are there other things I may be missing to mention here?
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