Author Topic: Block edit, remove objects from block but leave a copy in instances position  (Read 370 times)

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Hello All,

Using lisp, how is it possible to edit a block, removing objects from the block definition but leaving a copy in the drawing of all removed objects in selected (or all) instances positions (considering rotation and scale...)?
Something like stamping block objects (adding objects to drawing) in block position, for selected blocks...



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You can look at this:
It copies an object from inside a block to outside of the block and leaves it in the same position.
This might help you get started, it does have some problems with subentities like Lee points out in that topic.

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Thanks for the rapid response Dexus.

The objective was more something like propagate independent geometry using the block instances in the drawing: add to block, than removing leaving a copy in every instance.
I can´t do it, no enough knowledge... but if I found something useful I will post it here.

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This does the trick... thanks Lee Mac

Lee Mac

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You're welcome  :-)