Author Topic: Annotation scales renamed with "_1" appended.  (Read 4617 times)

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Annotation scales renamed with "_1" appended.
« on: May 23, 2018, 12:29:07 PM »
Hiya gang,

I'm having this odd issue where in a base drawing, an annotative scale (say, "1:200") is being renamed to "1:200_1" when I open the file.

Here is some background:

Base file xreffed into Sheet file. INSUNITS set correctly in both so the xref scales automatically on attach.
Base file is set to UNITS = METERS - this is the file where the scale gets renamed
Sheet file is set to UNITS = MILLIMETERS - the scale does not get renamed in this file, even the Xref scale is still 1:200[/li][/list]

Also, this does not happen if I open the base file in Vanilla AutoCAD.  There I can rename the scale to 1:200 and it stays that way. So it must be some setting/behavior specific to AutoCAD Architecture.

Now, I think this may be just how AutoCAD Architecture is keeping track of the scales in drawings that are not in Millimeters.  I'm trying to find some concrete documentation from Autodesk that states when and why this appending of "_1" happens.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance!

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