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Re: How to standardize users
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2016, 12:22:01 PM »
How many employees will be affected? Ballpark no need for explicits?
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Re: How to standardize users
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I was tasked with doing this across 5 engineering offices located in 4 different states. I started slowly gaining ground with baby steps and by listening to the reasons why people believed they could not follow the standards. This was key in allowing me to understand why they felt they needed to do things "the way we have always done things". Once you understand the true underlying reason, it becomes easier to address the emotional aspect of this. If you can pick a couple of stronger/leader type people in the different locations and start getting these folks on board by educating and empowering/supporting them then these folks can assist you with getting others on board. Strong arming people does not usually work. This typically causes more resistance.

  • Educate your users as to the benefits of having standards and what that consistency can provide.
  • Build as many of your Standards into your every day tools even if this means redefining commands, controlling items through tool palettes, etc.
  • Create the path of least resistance by
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Re: How to standardize users
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We did this at my current company. We used NCS as a "go-by" and put our own spin on it while staying within the NCS guidelines. We then created templates and made our templates part of the Install process.

Our templates are growing and but with NCS as a starting place, it really did streamline the process of introducing standards.

Then we showed people how much easier things are when using the templates and gave them support documentation that they could refer to. Granted, we still have those that don't adhere to the standards or templates and you always will have a few.

Good luck!

Edit: FYI, We are 10 offices in multiple states.
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