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Re: Secure Counter for Lisp (pay per click)
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I was absent some days; now here is my recapitulation:

Use a server with always online-connection to the software:
Sounds "state of the art", but is not really "simple" and sometimes impossible (firewall, other security restrictions, connection failures, ..)

Lisp is not secure, everything can be hacked
Yes, but I act on the assumption that many users (companies) don't want to hack and don't know how to hack. And to modify a pure text counter (1, 2, 3, 4, ...) is the easiest "hack".

Pay per click is not a good solution
Depends on .... - see postings above

Earn money with other services; offer pay-per-click and non-pay-per-click
I have to think about it.

2650/260=$ 10.19

Thanks for your postings; I have to think about the next steps.

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