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Graphics duplicating within blocks
« on: October 07, 2013, 02:53:11 PM »

We have been encountering graphics duplicating in our blocks mostly in dynamic blocks but for regular blocks as well.

The block in the attached drawing is an elevation of a column cover that has a linear stretch through the top (to make it taller or shorter)
and a dual stretch at the bottom (to make it wider)

If you stretch using the grips you will see that the graphics are duplicated.
If you then open the editor you will see that for every line there is a duplicated line on top of it.
The stretch is only being applied to the original instance of the graphics (before they were duplicated)

Possible issues that could cause corruption:
Firstly we are managing many block insertions (500+) in a single file.
Some of the graphics that were used to generate these files were drawn almost 10 years ago.

Our process is that we do the work in our area and then make the blocks public. Then if we need to edit them we are checking them out and putting them back in circulation. I am only mentioning this because we are not seeing these problems until we put them in this public folder or when we check them back out to edit them.
I am only mentioning this because we are using a replication software which replicates the data inside of the public folder for users in Asia because it is slow for them to access these files on our server here in NYC.

I know that this is alot of variables but can you guys look at these and let me know your thoughts.