Author Topic: Civil 3d 2012 - Pipe Networks and profiles - best way to jump in and begin TIPS?  (Read 2057 times)

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I am preparing drawings for new sanitary sewer design of utilities on a dot roadway. Previously, we have drawn these the "old fashioned" way with tiffs of dot plans in the background and our linework in cad overlaid.

Because we have been asked to provide profiles, I have begun building pipe networks and profiles of our design - learning on the fly.

It's going ok, but I wonder if I am doing it ALL WRONG esp if there is a way to prevent my file from becoming HUGE. Currently I am drawing the pipe network and profiles in my main file and the only xrefs are the tiff files of the dot plans in the background...oh and the title block. The file runs ok - a little sluggish on the zooming and slow to save.

This project has 70 sheets so 70 paperspace tabs.

Ideas? Links to tutorials? I'd appreciate any advice I can get.

I won't have proposed grade so I'm going to have to fake that in or scale it somehow.
I'm also contemplating using pipe networks somehow in the future to draw in existing water and check for conflicts. And of course I will be building pipe networks of the dot drainage designs as well.