Author Topic: 'Minimizing various Steel Bars cut losses' program help  (Read 3832 times)

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'Minimizing various Steel Bars cut losses' program help
« on: July 02, 2012, 01:51:10 AM »

Dear Brothers ,
I am quantity surveyor engineer , I need to prepare tables showing the various bars lengths i need to cut to complete there lengths to 12 meter length (commercial standard length  of reinforcing steel bars) to reduce the losses of the cut procedures to minimum limit or to zero . For example if i need 1000 number from 3.75 m length bar and 700 of 2.25 m length bar i will cut the 12 m by 2(2.25)+2(3.75) and the result is zero loss for the standard do this manually for 7 stories Mall and more than 100 different length of bars needed to cut ist very hard .. I think  Excel or Visual Basic have the ability to do this for me ... Starting from the sample excel file that i attaching have any one idea to do this by Excel functions ...thanks in advance brothers...
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Re: 'Minimizing various Steel Bars cut losses' program help
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The problem it's not a trivial one (well, in some sense it is, just test for all the combinations and pick the best). The problem even has a name: 1DCSP (1 Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem). In general You can't test for all the combinations even with a supercomputer in a reasonable time, so you need to find an "optimal" solution with a more efficient approach, there are several methods almost all based in OR technics, but there are some others like genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization and so on.

If you are *really* interested in a solution, you can privately contact me at "gaston dot nunez at asyst dot cl", i have an AutoCAD solution for exactly the same problem you have.

Gaston Nunez