Author Topic: NETLOAD not loading DLL on certain computers  (Read 14469 times)

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Re: NETLOAD not loading DLL on certain computers
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2012, 12:18:52 PM »
I've tested the toolbar code on a dozen of computers and only the ones with the Design Suite installed could not create it.
All my other code works because of the try...catch around the toolbar creation code.

If anyone has a better way of creating a toolbar, plz don't hesitate to point something out.

Greetz FRaccie and tnx for the help

Maybe take the toolbar creation code out of Initialize.
Have a function to see if the toolbar exists on the users system.
Test for that when the user runs one of your commands.
If the toolbar doesn't exist THEN create it.

If you are saving the toolbar on the users system (the CUI files) this will only happen once.

At least this way you may be able to isolate what is really happening. Your dll will get loaded.
If you clean out Initialize and it still doesn't netload that will tell you something too.  :?
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