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Re: Putting it all together...
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My LISP work these days is frequently either of such large scale, or related to optimizing/upgrading/maintenance, that I do all LISP work in the VLIDE because I need the watches, breakpoints, and step through/over/out functionality.  Just doesn't make sense to write code it one editor, then re-open it in the VLIDE to step through, then make changes in the editor, re- reload it, etc.
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Re: Putting it all together...
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Mostly, no. My text editor is just that a text editor. I have the ability to do all things related to text files (up down left right) but i can not "debug an executable" (those kind of tasks) in my editor like you can in an IDE. There are some grey areas though. Vim has the ability to "use" the CLANG Compiler to provide code completion like in an IDE.

I appreciate the clarification, Se7en.
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