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I am angry
« on: December 01, 2012, 06:55:16 AM »
I've seen a lot of mistakes in the official documentation and asked about it in ADN. I got answers.

Then, some times ago I have wrote managed .NET API for working with the PackageContents.xml file, and for registration autoloading through register (for working with old autoloader). I have wrote and unit tests too. I spent many time for it. All works fine. I did it according this info from official documentation.

Then I have wrote GUI application, based on my .NET API. But later I have read this article... In this article, the structure of PackageContents.xml file is different from the "old" PackageContents.xml file  which was described in the official documentation. Ok... I have modified my .NET API, and GUI application, but...

But now I have got a next 'new' example of PackageContents.xml file by Fenton Webb.. I thank him for it, I have no complaints about him, but... Now I see other differences. It is VERY BIG DIFFERENCES with official structure of PackageContents.xml file.

I see, I must modify my .NET API, unit tests, and GUI application AGAIN...    :ugly:

When will stop this chaos in Autodesk company? Why at Autodesk first write the code, and think  only after? When their architector of application will begin read the "Code Complete" book (Steven C. McConnell author)? Or when will found a hero, which will score the nail on the head of architect, which is designing a new autoloader for AutoCAD?  :realmad:

Autodesk is spending MY time, making me rewrite the same code many times. It is horrible... :((((
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Re: I am angry
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2012, 08:15:25 AM »
Since the introduction of the Autoloader system I get Fatal Errors every second start of AutoCAD. So I had to set APPAUTOLOAD to zero and reload all the apps with an ACADDOC.LSP which loads the apps with the reload option of the command APPAUTOLOADER. Nice workaround but not the meaning of such a system.

For my own plugins I wrote a little installer that writes all the neccessary registry keys so the plugins work directly after restarting AutoCAD. No trouble with packagecontents :-)
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Andrey Bushman

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Re: I am angry
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2012, 10:10:51 AM »
I wrote a little installer
I think such autoloader exists by each programmer. I have some variants too. But I want, the "native" autoloader was a correct, and had the full documentation. And this must works correct. Now it is as garbage. :(
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