Author Topic: Looking for approach to AUDIT DWG file  (Read 9692 times)

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Re: Looking for approach to AUDIT DWG file
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There is a program called 'AutoScript-for-AutoCAD' I've been meaning to have a look at .... If anyone has looked at it please post comments :)

I use Hurricane from 74mph.  I runs great in Windows 7.  I'm using it to update our Archives ('92 to '08) About 60,000 files.  It works decent.  I run a year of archives in one script.  I may have to restart 2 to 5 times do to low system memory, but otherwise any one script could process 4000+ files.

However, the program I'm writing has to be user friendly and licensing, OS, AutoCAD, and process independent.  And of course have someone inhouse to manage and support it...  being me.    :ugly: