Author Topic: Using VS 2010 for compiling ARX2007~2011 without installing VS2005/2008  (Read 5015 times)

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First,you should set your environment as the following:
1.You should have the different verions of VC compiler.
2.Extract the VC compiler files to the installation directory of Visual Studio 2010 as the following:

3.Download the VCCommonBin.Zip file(attachment)  for compiling and extract it to the installation directory of Visual Studio 2010 as the previous image
4.Download the custom file(attachment) and extract it to X:\Program Files\MSBuild\
   Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Platforms\Win32\PlatformToolsets\  as the following:

The following shows you how to comile ARX2007 files using VS2010:
1.Open the sample "Smiley" in ARXSDK 2007 using Visual Studio 2010.
2.After converting the project to VS2010 format,you can select the project in Solution Explorer and then bring up the Property Pages.
3.In the Property Pages,Set "Platform Toolset" to vs2005_arx2007.8.9:

4.For MFC projects,you need set other properties as previous image.
5.All done!Compile!You will get the right arx!
6.Using the Dependency Walker tool,you will see that the dependency items are VS2005 dlls:


The following is the relationship between AutoCAD and Visual Studio:
AutoCAD(Arx)    Visual Studio          Net       PlatformSDK          
*                     vs2010                 v4.0       v7.1
Arx2010/11      vs2008(vc9)sp1       v3.5sp1   v7.0(v6.1.7600.16385)
Arx2007/8/9     vs2005(vc8)            v2.0       *                  
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