Author Topic: Arx vs interop layer transparency property  (Read 2252 times)

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Arx vs interop layer transparency property
« on: April 06, 2011, 06:24:37 PM »

I have an external application to drive autocad, it's an outprocess model so I can't use Arx, I am using interop to list all available layers in active document, so far so good but when I wanted to display layer transparency this property is not available through interop, I checked the arx API and the property is there.

My question is how to access layer transparency using interop, and why the interop is not updated with the latest addition to autocad.

I was trying to create an arx module that expose a wcf service to communicate with the external application, I managed to get it work but my concern is error handling and I don't want autocad to crash and close, any ideas how to load an arx module in a different appdomain and handle exception and attempt to restart wcf service on error without autocad to crash.