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.NET Autodesk Inventor Add-ins (Inventor 2010 specific)
« on: March 12, 2010, 11:55:20 AM »
The following code allows the user to change a number of display options in an Inventor 2010 drawing file.

This was born of a need to have a drawing border that we can send to the client (a drawing border they asked us to use) and one that we can send out to sub-contractors for quotation/manufacture etc.

Previously, we had two sets of drawings, which complicated matters enormously, with both sets requiring updating when a change was made.

What we've done now is create a drawing border that contains both blocks, on different layers. Simply switching layers on and off switches the drawing between the two styles we use.

I didn't want the "one drawing to rule them all" approach to stop there however, so I've figured out how to change all of the major dimension (primarily text) styles (of which there are many) with the exception of Weld notes which are not exposed by the api yet. This means that with a simple click of a button we are able to change all the notes/dimensions/view labels to whatever style we desire, meaning there's only one set of information to update on each drawing.

I used the RibbonBar code sample(s) as my basis for getting the button onto Inventor 2010's interface.

I'll post the code once I've annotated it a bit better.

EDIT: Here's the code. (attached)
EDIT2: I forgot to post the accompanying .idw file, but will do so over the weekend.
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