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sheet manager question
« on: May 03, 2010, 11:27:16 AM »

I was'nt so sure where to post this question. But anyway..

I created an attribute block with three (3) tags for my title blocks
Proj#, Proj# & ProjT. Then I inserted fields....
Field category->Sheetset->Field names: CurrentSheetSetProjectName.....for tag Projn
Field category->Sheetset->Field names: CurrentSheetSetProjectNumber...for tag Proj#
Field category->Sheetset->Field names: CurrentSheetTitle.....................for tag ProjT

I then inserted the block into my drawings & filled in the project name, number & title.
When I created a sheetset & added my drawings. I thought it would find the fieds &
automate all this information. I want the drawings to show the drawing title found
in the attribute block not the layout name.

I wanted to do this on existing projects that has a lot of drawings. Am I not understanding
Sheet manager? Is there a link that does a tutorial?...Thanks in advance.