Author Topic: How to use "AutoCAD Dockable Container" ?  (Read 2443 times)

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How to use "AutoCAD Dockable Container" ?
« on: June 09, 2009, 08:46:00 PM »
How to use "AutoCAD Dockable Container" ?

Who can give me a  good example?

Below is an example of a VB implemented IRetrieveDockableContainer:

Global variable so the interface can be used at a later time if needed.
Dim dockContainer As AcadDockableContainer
Implements IRetrieveDockableContainer

Private Sub IRetrieveDockableContainer_SetDockContainer(ByVal newVal As IAcadDockableContainer)
    Keep this interface around by assigning it to a global variable.
   Set dockContainer = newVal

    Allow docking only on the left and right sides of AutoCAD
   dockContainer.EnableDockPositions = acDockLeft + acDockRight

    We want the window to appear as a floating window the very first time.
    The size of the floating window is specified below.
   Dim rect(0 To 3) As Integer
   rect(0) = 50 ' left
   rect(1) = 50 ' top
   rect(2) = 300 ' right
   rect(3) = 300 ' bottom

   dockContainer.SetPreferredDockPosition acFloating, rect
End Sub