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Just a note to the new-comers about this forum that is vastly different from most. This place, TheSwamp, is a fishing school, generally, it will teach you how to fish. Often, they will help you land a fish you've already hooked and occasionally they will even offer a piece of fish to get you over a rough spot. Then every now and again, someone will give you a fish.

- CADaver


Please do not post copyrighted material unless you are the author or have the authors permission to do so. A link to the code works best, this gives credit where credit is due. Not to mention keeps me away from law suites.


Can we tell stories about the fish that got away?


--- Quote from: SPDCad ---Can we tell stories about the fish that got away?
--- End quote ---
You can tell them here

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One Shot:
The Swamp looks great.  I like what was done to site. :mrgreen:

Likewise, thanks for bringing this invaluable resource back online.


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