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I thought this may be fun and educational.

It's a relatively common belief that "it's all been done before" with regards to programming.
While I disagree with the blanket statement, there is some truth to the concept.

What code do you want ?
What problem do you want to solve ?   :|

The answers should be links only to a solution ( or partial solution) ... NO CODE PLEASE

PS: be a little reasonable with the request .. some esoteric problems may not qualify :D

edit: make topic sticky

Awesome idea Kerry!

If I may, if you post a solution, give the post with a solution link a good post title so a search can bring it up a bit easier ;)

eg. if it's something that draws an angle bevel diagram or say a beam camber diagram or a ..., 'subject' title your reply 'Beam Camber diagram lisp' for instance.

Joe Burke:

Good topic, though I'm not sure the subject describes it well.

Give my experience with various CAD programs the idea, "it has all been done before," is unique to those who have only used AutoCAD.

Example, the MinDist tool recently posted. It is an often used tool in Microstation. But it gets little notice within the AutoCAD community simply because users are too set in their ways IMO. They simply cannot see the value of it at first glance, so they ignore it.

So the real question may be how to encouarge folks to think outside the box.


Great idea Kerry!

"Problems with Solutions Links" would be my first shot at another title but it's subjective. 8-)

OK, Is this what we are looking for?

--- Quote ---Break Objects by CAB - Break objects with crossing objects

Trim with objects [CookieCutter] by Joe Burke

LineType Loader by CAB - function to load a list of linetypes

Lengthen Command with Options by CAB - lengthen command
with key press switch  fron Lengthen to Shorten

Advanced Offset to both side by VVA <Vladimir Azarko>
Offset selected object to both side and change (optional) layer of
new object to current

Update all blocks in drawing by Keith

Length of Objects by CAB - pick each object & displays
the object type, length & a running total on the command line.

Clone Text Object by CAB - Clone one text string from dText mText
or Attribute to other selected dText mText or Attribute object

Increment Number in Text bt CAB

Increment the suffix of a string by Gile

Simplify a LWPolyline vertex -

Areas of objects by Mark Thomas
--- End quote ---


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