Author Topic: Survey, Calcing grades for Construction Stake out  (Read 3873 times)

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Survey, Calcing grades for Construction Stake out
« on: August 04, 2004, 10:25:35 PM »
I need some advice on calcing grades for points when i do construction staking calcs on a site. When our design team finally creates the construction set of drawings, the survey team takes the finaly dwgs. and xref it into our staking dwg. We then create 3 - 5' offsets from back of curb or edge of pavement or building corners etc. but when we calc. we need grades for our cut and fill on the point at that given place where we calc at.  The grading plans we recieve are not covered with spot grades all over the site... but only some here and there... Then we, the survey team, has to start creating 3D poly lines and somehow creating a proposed tin where we can get a grade at the places where we know need to be staked. I am just curious on what your practices are... and how you implament them when you get a new staking project in.

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