Author Topic: Wanting a tooltip on a block reference  (Read 1892 times)

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Wanting a tooltip on a block reference
« on: November 21, 2007, 02:15:03 PM »
Okay, I've looked in the forum, and I'm a bit lost.

I have a new block reference on a drawing, placed there by my C# application. In some cases (for example, if it is missing some information) I may want to put the Reference on the page, but make the reference pop a tool-tip-like item when the next user hovers the mouse over the object to say something like "HEY! Idiot-for-brains forgot to put the paint color" .... or something equally offensive.

At present, I've found the Hyperlink object on the entity to do this, but it says "click to follow link". But I don't HAVE a link. I'm just exploiting the mouse-over capability. Any better suggestions for this? Any code-snips of a REAL tooltip object in use on the drawing?