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I am trashing this DB up really good as only I can do.

I am trying to get this block to array the punch out hole on the metal stud at 24" o.c. as I stretch the stud.  I have a stretch action that has only one point showing, Woot.  I have an array that is array the hole but very awkwardly.  Can some take a look at this to tell me what I am messing up.
I some how got it to sort of work but i have no ideal how. 

There is too much space at the top of the stud before a hole appears.  Is there a way to adjust it so that a hole appears sooner?

Second question,
If I stretch the stud less than a certain amount the hole disappears?

See the attached file
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Re: Stretch and Array with only one grip point - Metal Stud Elevation
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 08:35:39 AM »
You may want to add in specific incremental snaps, such that the bolt can only be dragged and stretched 0.25" at a time. This may make the appearing/disappearing hole problem easier to solve.
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