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Civil 3D Programming Source Materials
« on: October 13, 2007, 06:39:44 PM »
Quoted as part of an email I received from the Open Design Alliance:

. . . C3Ddirect Reverse-engineered the AeccSurvey module, added rendering for Survey Network. AeccPlanProd module support: added AECCDbMatchLine & related classes, enhancements to rendering support. C3D expression support was enhanced. Work on spirals support for alignments continued . . .

It seems that some people are making progress into the innards of Civil 3D in an attempt to develop applications that will work with it.  If you join the group there are a couple big ZIP files full of libraries and other programming goodies available for download in their member files section.

I got a copy just in case I ever get off square one in learning programming, but hopefully there are a few Land Lubbers savy enough these could come in handy now.