Author Topic: *Cancel* during startup of first document in session.  (Read 16 times)

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After 40+ years  I thought I'd try to discover why we get a ( or some ) *Cancel* messages during the startup of the initial drawing in a session.

attached are some images of the Console,  LoadedApps and Options.

The message 'AutoCAD menu utilities loaded' originate from the Acad2025doc.lsp ;

Line 574:            (princ "\nAutoCAD menu utilities ")
and line 1093:     (princ "loaded.")

So, sometime after Acad2025doc.lsp is loaded there are several issues that cause the *Cancel* message to display.
It appears that the issue 'MAY' ( assumption ) be related to menus,  ribbons and toolpalettes.

Firstly:   Does anyone know why this happens ?
Second: Is there anyone who hasn't seen these messages ?


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