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checking the polylne
« on: September 19, 2006, 02:13:24 AM »
hi everybody,
                 i had three polyline layers(route, trail and junction). i want 2 find out  whether trail or junction layer is missing beneath the route layer. for this, i had written one lisp program which is working fine ,but its taking time. i want 2 simplify that .
          the logic i had used for this is
 -    i had collect the vertex of route layer and stored as list.
 -    using repeat loop for the length of list.
 -   capturing trail or junction for each coordinates and find out the starting and ending point of the features.
 -  place a circle at the starting and endig point of trail or junction which is below the route.
 - go to the starting point and the ending point of the route and check for the contintuity . if there is no continutiy means erase the circle.

i had attach the sample drawings and the lisp program. can anyone help me 2 simplify the program.