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Re: company standrards checking proceedure
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I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this in this post, but I am using 2006 and there is a toolbar for CAD standards; you can define your standards in a drawing, save it out as a .dws file, then check all future drawings against it. It is pretty cool; you can set up what to check and how to notify the user and also to automatically correct it. It is nice to see that AutoDesk is becoming proactive in this process.

Of course programmatically (if you wanted to be that adamant about it) I'm sure you could restrict certain things as well.



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Re: company standrards checking proceedure
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we go

1) draw
2) checker checks
3) repeat a billion times
4) checker checks again (mostly standards checking here)
5) lead engineer checks
5) box up red-lines/notes/affecting stuff then archive.... lots of archives (airplanes after all)

for every sheet that goes out, we have 30-40 that get boxed up.


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Re: company standrards checking proceedure
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Re: company standrards checking proceedure
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I work in a projects organisation for a large company. We look after all drawings for plant (currently standing at 164000 drawings - 110000 scanned and 54000 autocad).

We have 2 databases, 1 all the drawings in their native format and the other published pdfs released to plant.

The database with all the drawings in their native have a number of stages for the lifecycle of the drawing:
Preliminary, Awaiting Checking, Awaiting Approval, Approved for manufacture, Awaiting Issue and Released.

The published database only contains drawings which are "Released" and have therefore gone through the checking lifecycle.

We risk assess the drawing as to the level of checking required, ranging from a very simple object that can be self checked and approved to a safety critical drawing which would require a separate checker and separate approver. The risk assessment determines where the drawing lies between to two extremes.

Obviously, our Document Management System automatically adds the checker and approver names to the drawing. It also creates a snapshot at each stage for each revision.

Hope this makes sense 
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Re: company standrards checking proceedure
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A sad and sordid tale this is . . .

Our shop consists of a designer (myself), a dyslexic tracer who at least tries hard, a retreaded survey helper with less than a month exposure to AutoCAD under his belt and an engineer that screws up every drawing he works with and saves.  The basic instruction for from the boss is for everybody to make their drawing "look like Dinosaur drew it."  There is nothing written down for anyone to go by, only finished examples to look at and there is zero desire on the boss's part to make thing any more formal than they currently are, after all "it is just drafting".  To make matters worse, we have been in crisis management mode and there is little time for design compliance and no time at all to worry about QC until after the fact which hopefully gets done during the next round of comments.

You work with a:

retard (or like you say retreaded)
screw up

Seems you should fit right in.   ^-^