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« on: October 17, 2003, 09:50:47 AM »
Ok guys...I am curious as to what to do here...I have just picked up a new job in Riverside County California. The piece of land that I have is 42+/- acres, and about 10 acres of it, I need to digitize contours from a 1960 RFCD (Flood Control) map. Now this won't be too hard that I can imagine, but when it comes to the watershed, I am beyond lost. I know how to go through TME, and have it calculate the watersheds, and then import them, but what the heck are they reall for? And why would I really need to show them? Is there anything else that I would need to do here?

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« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2003, 01:48:34 PM »
I guess nobody knows? I use LDD, but I am lucky, working for a survey company, iI only produce "base maps". I don't get into the engineering end much at all. I do some occasional profiles, alignments and cross sections in addition to my regular topographic stuff, but not often enough.
I just didn't want you to feel like I was ignoring your question, it's just I don't have an answer other than "Jump into the middle of it and see what happens!" Then come back and tell me how to do it in case somebody around here gets a wild hair.  :lol:

(That's one thing I like about this site. post a question and get no answer just proves that you ain't the dubest one here.)
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« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2003, 03:18:10 PM »
Well I tried a test surface and created my are my results:

Watershed id: 1 boundary seg
   Area: 244.552

Watershed id: 2 boundary seg
   Area: 13369.8

Watershed id: 3 boundary seg
   Area: 3625.86

Watershed id: 4 boundary seg
   Area: 20.1458

Watershed id: 5 boundary seg
   Area: 114.345

Watershed id: 6 boundary seg
   Area: 68.6572

Watershed id: 7 boundary seg
   Area: 113.115

Watershed id: 8 boundary seg
   Area: 8.95529

Watershed id: 9 boundary seg
   Area: 4267.75

Watershed id: 10 boundary seg
   Area: 15.2805

Watershed id: 11 depression
   Drains into:
   Area: 221519
   Volume when full: 0
   Depth when full:  0

Watershed id: 12 depression
   Drains into: 2,14
   Area: 2802.57
   Volume when full: 877.909
   Depth when full:  1

Watershed id: 13 flat area
   Drains into: 39,9
   Area: 7429.42

Watershed id: 14 flat area
   Drains into: 13,11,39
   Area: 16195.3

Watershed id: 15 flat area
   Drains into: 2,12
   Area: 135181

Watershed id: 16 flat area
   Drains into: 14,13,2,12
   Area: 673.299

Watershed id: 17 flat area
   Drains into: 16,14
   Area: 24484.9

Watershed id: 18 flat area
   Drains into: 15,12,17,16
   Area: 2303.57

Watershed id: 19 flat area
   Drains into: 14,11
   Area: 4504.42

Watershed id: 20 flat area
   Drains into: 11,19
   Area: 1883.02

Watershed id: 21 flat area
   Drains into: 17,14
   Area: 557.08

Watershed id: 22 flat area
   Drains into: 20,11
   Area: 2550.89

Watershed id: 23 flat area
   Drains into: 17,14,21
   Area: 410.539

Watershed id: 24 flat area
   Drains into: 18,17
   Area: 1115.35

Watershed id: 25 flat area
   Drains into: 24,15,18,17
   Area: 2979.13

Watershed id: 26 flat area
   Drains into: 17,14
   Area: 503.241

Watershed id: 27 flat area
   Drains into: 25,15
   Area: 5871.39

Watershed id: 28 flat area
   Drains into: 7,11
   Area: 284.712

Watershed id: 29 flat area
   Drains into: 19,20,22,17,11
   Area: 5323.07

Watershed id: 30 flat area
   Drains into: 1,11
   Area: 442.814

Watershed id: 31 flat area
   Drains into: 27,15
   Area: 762.795

Watershed id: 32 flat area
   Drains into: 30,1,11
   Area: 1299.07

Watershed id: 33 flat area
   Drains into: 4,34,27,11
   Area: 295.642

Watershed id: 34 flat area
   Drains into: 27,15
   Area: 5979.91

Watershed id: 35 flat area
   Drains into: 17,27,11
   Area: 601.448

Watershed id: 36 flat area
   Drains into: 5,11
   Area: 281.245

Watershed id: 37 flat area
   Drains into: 6,11,36
   Area: 472.721

Watershed id: 38 flat area
   Drains into: 8,11,37
   Area: 4.8411

Watershed id: 39 multi drain
   Drains into: 11,9
   Area: 3293.62

Ok...lets see if I can depict some of this.
   Id = name  

   Multi drain / flat / depression / bndry seg = drains mult. ways / flat...water flows downhill / hole in the ground / portion on the out lying areas of the surface

   Drains into = Which watershed the curent one drains into.

   Area....Do I need any more here???

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« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2003, 02:54:30 PM »
I'm not sure I understood your question.  Was it what is the purpose of delineating watersheds?  Civil engineers worry about watersheds because their size and steepness determine how big culverts gotta be, stuff like that.  If that was the question.


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