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Remote Layer States
« on: July 19, 2006, 03:20:03 PM »
AutoCAD Layer States

I've seen a resurgence in the talk about these; how to use them efficiently, etc.  I've been using a system since 2000i where Layer States are saved in an office "Standard" drawing.  Along with all the official layers are all the possible combinations of layers, i.e. Saved Layer States. 

Using a little lisp routine I wrote, a Layer State in the remote drawing is "restored", the layers along with their properties are "read" then compared to the layers in the current drawing - making changes as needed.  This way I don't have to "import" a Layer State: we have about 400 standard layers but only ever use a couple dozen in any one drawing! 

This approach also makes editing and managing layers and layer states so much easier than in a database or .ly file: you get to use AutoCAD's built-in editing tools.  I also have a little editing tool that makes life easier.  Here's another fringe benefit: independent control of xref layers. 

Well, here's the files - they are compiled for 2006, I think they would work in 04 & 05 as well. There are 3 commands: jbLayerStates, jbLayerStatesEditor, and jbImportLayers.  Here are the forms:

Remote LayerState Manager

LayerState Editor

jbImportLayers points the Design Center to the standard file opening the layers section for dragging and dropping.  Let me know of any omissions - I think it's all there.  Also let me know of any impressions - changes . . ..

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