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Overlap PDFs in order to discover differences
« on: August 21, 2013, 06:46:09 AM »
Today, some friends from engineering department of our business company complained to me, because they have to find differences between 2 different revisions of the same drawing. They asked me to provide them a single PDF file, where unchanged parts among drawings are in black and the differences are in red. As an example element15_Rev1.dwg was made before 2 months, but last week some changes was applied to this element15, so element15_Rev2.dwg has made. Every single element like this element15, has many revisions and after each change a new drawing [elementName]_[RevNumber].dwg appears. Is it possible to create a PDF corresponding to this criteria?

My proposition for solving this task is to read the two desired revisions and to create a new "temporary" file, filled with combines objects from both revision. Then, just plot temporary file. This is not as good idea as I want to be, because wblockCloneObjects() sometimes throws exceptions (related post : and in other hand I have to establish equality between objects from 2 different dwgs.

I would like to hear what are yours propositions about solving this task!
I use TeighaSWIG 3.9.1 for editing DWGs. This library contains PDFExportModule for creating PDFs.

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