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My attempt  :)
Very well, the program is slow because it performs a very complex calculation, I have to review something for use with polylines with "straight" vertices and with width of the conduit is not perfect (249.9999).
Grazie ancora!
My attempt is like Owen described in a few steps... No need for using additional routine...
Minimally tested...
Your turn for testing...
Kr. M.R.
This is very fast, I have to review something for use with polylines with "straight" vertices and for lenth of the conduit equal to width (see my dwg).
Grazie mille for your time.
VB(A) / Re: Batch Bind VBA Code Help...!
« Last post by Vince on Today at 12:16:44 pm »

I have updated my original post with the specific details as you suggested....!

Thank you,
I don't have much time so I will make this short and hopefully some of the other guys have heard of this as well.

There used to be a bug that had to do with UNC and mapped drives when using the `create new local' check box so I use the "Save as" method where I open the central model and do a save as. This also eliminates the need to preform a Sync right after creating a new local with the check box.  ...However, this isn't really a major point; I agree with your stance of keeping it simple.
Revit / Re: Revit Central Models, creating local models from them.
« Last post by RobDraw on Today at 11:58:01 am »
Good question.

Is this on a network with daily back-ups in addition to the ones that Revit generates?
AutoLISP (Vanilla / Visual) / Re: Dynamic Intelligent Leader !
« Last post by Andrea on Today at 11:54:38 am »
Please guys,..may you run the debug2 version... ?
AutoLISP (Vanilla / Visual) / Re: Dynamic Intelligent Leader !
« Last post by Andrea on Today at 11:53:07 am »
Just to help, here's some extra info (I think)...

This version of the program runs like normal, only the difference in this "debug version" is when you try the command "dilc" or "dilconfig". Then the alert box will appear. Also, according to this part:

Code: [Select]
(setq debugf (open (setq logfilez (strcat Dil_installdir "\\DiLeader_Debug.log")) "w"))
there should be a log file in the folder "c:\Program Files\Ductisoft\DiLeader" at some point...

In AutoCAD 2015 it does run like it should, all fine thanks!
There is no log file however.

In case of ZWCAD:
See attachement, for what happens. The program does not work.
It seems the project is not loaded correctly.
Also, there is no log file in the folder.

thank you for the Info bilanšikur

few questions if you don't mind..
-is the ZRX load correctly in ZWCAD ?
-is the dialogbox appear ?
-do you have same error as Robbo ?

thank you.
Revit / Revit Central Models, creating local models from them.
« Last post by diarmuid on Today at 11:49:53 am »
Revit Central Model Question.

We have 2 offices.  I look after revit in one office, another similar level Revit person does the same in the other office.  Essentially the set-up and folder sturctre etc are the same.  the disagreement comes when generating local copies of central models.

My Office:  let the application do the work.  Open the file, make sure "create local" copy is checked and away you go.  Revit builds a new local copy updates the backup folders on the local drive etc.

Other Office:  User runs a script every day.  backup folders and out of date revit files etc are deleted on local PC.  Revit model is physically copied to local floder loaction and renamed to file-name_username.rvt.  The script (one for each revit model by the way) then launches Revit (the correct version) and opens the file.

On one hand my way would be the recommended and easier way to operate the package.  however it is open to someone, using a newer version of Revit (we have 3 versions on some workstation because of the age of some of the projects here, and the are bieng done as a partnership with 3rd parties) opening a model and saving thus, updating the model and causing all sorts of problems.

On the other hand, the other way is support intensive, macro and cmd file writing, its not the recommended way.  the removeal of the backup folder is to remove extra safety net.

I can clearly see the argument for both parties, but am i missing something.  Is there anything that should be in there that can tip the balance of either method?

You comments would be most welcome


VB(A) / Re: Batch Bind VBA Code Help...!
« Last post by owenwengerd on Today at 08:58:17 am »
Maybe this has nothing do with your code, but is due to the AutoCAD InfoCenter. I would try disabling InfoCenter, then see if anything changes.

In any case, you're more likely to get timely help if you include basic details like AutoCAD version and flavor, OS version and architecture, and whether you're using any third party add-ons that might be interfering.
VB(A) / Batch Bind VBA Code Help...!
« Last post by Vince on Today at 08:52:17 am »
Hello Swamp Members,

I developed a VBA routine that would allow the user to select multiple drawings and then bind those drawings, turn ON or OFF certain layers and then save them. For some unexplained reason when I run the routine now after I select the list of drawings to bind the program opens the first drawing and then hangs for a significant amount of time before moving on to the next drawing on the list and then the same think occurs again over and over. It just seems to hang (some times 3-7 minutes) before binding the drawing and moving on to process the next drawing file.

 This was a very useful tool because we are constantly binding project drawings for client submissions and the utility use to save a lot of time. Can any one of the forums VB experts please take a look at the code to see if anything needs to be corrected.....?? I have not changed anything in the code for some time however, within the past few months this anomaly has surfaced. The VBA file is attached below.

We are using AutoCAD Architecture 2013 running on Windows 7 Pro (service Pack 1),   Dell Precision T3610,  64bit workstations,  with 64GB memory.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...!

AutoLISP (Vanilla / Visual) / Re: Where is the error?
« Last post by emk2012 on Today at 08:01:04 am »
emk2012, have you understand what Kerry explained to you? You haven't modified your code according to Kerry's suggestions...
And you are missing some subs like (fy:begin/end)...

Hi ribarm , Thank you for your help , you mean lack function ?  name ???

I konw some function need appload XD function lib and FY function lib  eg: xd::doc:createSubDimstyle   , fly:begin/end
That function is not open source .

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