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Title: johnny.decimal filing system
Post by: MickD on December 18, 2020, 02:09:37 AM
This is a nice site that clearly explains a very reasonable file organisation system.

I'm sure those of us that have worked in any engineering/drafting office of more than 2-5 people have used very similar filing systems but I thought it was a good introduction of how a good filing system works.
I've used slightly different systems but they have all been based on a numbering (alpha-numeric etc) prefix for all folders and files and we could locate a drawing in about 3-5 clicks deep no matter how old the file was.

Archive->Year->ClientNo-[name]->JobNo->Drawings->[CLIENT:JOBNO] - [Drawing Name] - Rev [A-Z or 0-...].dwg

Current jobs are even easier:
ClientNo-[name]->JobNo->Drawings->[CLIENT:JOBNO] - [Drawing Name] - Rev [A-Z or 0-...].dwg

Locating the job folder is just as easy using the prefix of the drawing/document number, look in [CLIENT] then [JOBNO] then 'Drawings'.

A little bit more on 'project' structures:

Anyway, thought it might be a good resource for sole trader or smaller offices yet to develop a good system, cheers.
Title: Re: johnny.decimal filing system
Post by: JohnK on December 18, 2020, 08:09:32 AM
That is a good read. Thanks for the link!
Title: Re: johnny.decimal filing system
Post by: JohnK on December 18, 2020, 11:31:42 AM
I have been using the OmniClass system for a long time now (well, only pieces of it really). JohnnyDecimal's system is essentially just a simplified version of OmniClass--in that they are just choosing random numbers in ranges and assigning them to areas and categories. The OmniClass sytem isn't perfect but using it as a basis will hopefully at least keep you from forgetting areas. The process of choosing numbers can be made easier if you grok from an ISO cert system like OmniClass.

For example.
We need table 33 from OmniClass

Accounting, payroll, taxes, etc. is in the 33-81-##-## range and Proj Mgmt is in the 33-25-##-## range.

Code: [Select]
Banking : 33-81-31-11 (misc)
Accounting : 33-81-31-14  (taxes, and book keeping)
Compensation : 33-81-31-23 (payroll)

33-81-41-17 Product Marketing
33-81-16-11 General Contracting

So we can adopt the OmniClass/JohnnyDecimal System as:

Code: [Select]
33-11 Planning Disciplines
        21-00 Development Planning
33-21 Design Disciplines
33-25 Project Management Disciplines
        16-11 General Contracting
        41-17 Product Marketing
        41-21 Product Purchasing
33-81 Support Disciplines
        31-14 Acounting
        31-23 Payroll

A subtle feature is the organization/sorting of the folders after you apply the OmniClas numbers; the design folders get moved to the top. So, as you progress through the process of a project--and you add the design folders after initial marketing and contracts, the specifications and the design folders are on top and the payroll folders are down at the bottom.

We can even drop the 33 portion from the table while keeping/adopting a two place ID to keep even more control over sorting.

Code: [Select]
11 Planning Disciplines
     21-00 Development Planning
21 Design Disciplines
25 Project Management Disciplines
     16-11 General Contracting
     41-17 Product Marketing
     41-21 Product Purchasing
81 Support Disciplines
        31-14 Accounting
        31-23 Payroll
Title: Re: johnny.decimal filing system
Post by: MickD on December 20, 2020, 07:02:00 PM
I guess the thing to take away is to limit the depth of your folders with judicious Area/Category/Subfolder creation that suits your business and processes. You may even need to create a few of these systems from a higher level and map these to shortcuts/network drives or similar.

For example, I've just set up a new file server for a tshirt company and finding files for their DTG printers was wasting a lot of time and creating hassles for all involved. Having a new structure and using some good file naming conventions they can find a file in 2-3 clicks without the need to ask anyone where it is and if it's not there it's not ready for printing.
Along with that, the printer 'id' sticker has it's own folder named with this id in the system along with the folder code on the next line for finding files within a job directory for example:
Asset Id: 002
File Dir: 10.03

for the major '1000 Clients' folder:
1023 Client Soan So
   00 Administration
   10 Designs
      10.01 From Client
      10.02 Work In Progress
      10.03 Ready For Printing

The printer only needs the client number on the job sheet and the folder number from the actual printer and he can find the relevant job file very easily :)
Title: Re: johnny.decimal filing system
Post by: JohnK on December 20, 2020, 08:25:45 PM
Extremely clean. I like it!