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Title: Retrieve object heights for calculation?
Post by: Peter2 on December 19, 2019, 04:05:03 AM
Map 2018, German, Industry Model- oracle DB
Wastewater: Sections
I want to do some simple interpolation

- click on a "section"
- the "system" extracts the height and coordinates on top and on end of the section and offers me the results for further calculation in Lisp
- I click on a point on the section and my Lisp interpolates the current height

(or, more simple with more clicks:
- click on the beginning of a section
- Lisp stores the point, the "system" gives me the height of the section
- do the same at the other side of the section
- calculate with Lisp something)

Are there any "ready-to-use" routines for the data-extraction?
I tried MAPEXTRACTFEATUREGEOMETRY, but this gives me only a 2D-polyline with height 0.

Thanks ...

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