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Title: Plane in elbow to create dimensions on ISO.
Post by: John Kaul (Se7en) on April 25, 2018, 02:25:54 PM
I needed a method to create dimensions in an ISO drawing (in Revit) so I added a "plane" in my elbows to give me the ability to create the attached screenshot. I needed this ability for my documentation (for my engineering calcs) but I imagine this can be done for creating spool drawings too.

I have attached a round radius duct elbow so you can see how I did this but the process was really simple;
I created a face based version of my elbow(s). I made the elbow like a half elbow (like a elbows sliced in half) and I (re)placed these face-based-elbow-slices in my elbow family and loaded into my project.

If you want to test this elbow out, load this into a model, swap out a few elbows in a run, switch to an ISO view and change to medium display and you'll see the plane in the elbow which you can pick. Turn the display level to fine (for printing) and they disappear.

I can, if anyone is interested, expand on these instructions but I wanted to at least mention the ability to create these dimension-able ISOs in case anyone is in need as well.